Can I apply TopCoat F11™ to a vehicle with wax?

While TopCoat F11™ can be applied over traditional wax with good results. You will not get the best results until the wax is gone. TopCoat F11™ is engineered for application directly to your paint.

Wax will naturally break down within a couple weeks. This time can vary depending on driving conditions and weather.

You can also strip the wax from your vehicle with a remover. If you’re not sure how to remove the coating, you can call one of our application experts for advice.

Once the wax is removed you are ready to apply your first TopCoat F11™ coating. You can find these instructions here.

If you just can’t wait to give your vehicle an amazing TopCoat F11™ shine (we can’t blame you), then keep reading.

Wash your vehicle with TopCoat PolyWash™

Begin the process by washing your car with TopCoat PolyWash™. Once you are finished towel dry the vehicle to remove excess water.

This begins the process of breaking down the wax. PolyWash™ is also designed to work with F11™ by creating a Micro-Bond™ coating.

Remember, for best results always wash your vehicle out of direct sunlight. Allow you vehicle to cool if it was recently driven.

Applying the first coat of TopCoat F11™

Once your vehicle is completely dry you can apply the first coat of TopCoat F11™

Working in small areas, spray a small amount of F11™ on your vehicle. Using a clean micro-fiber cloth, rub in the F11™ using circular motions. After doing this to a couple areas your cloth will remain moist and less F11™ will be required.

After F11™ has been rubbed in, use a seperate dry micro-fiber cloth to buff. Continue this process for the whole vehicle. Remember, F11™ is designed to work on every part of your vehicle. Glass, plastic, rubber and chrome all benefit.

Allow one week for TopCoat F11™ to cure

After the first coating you will begin to see the benefits of F11™. As amazing as your vehicle now looks it gets even better.

Waiting one week will allow F11™ to begin working it’s way through the wax to reach your vehicle paint. But your paint job will not reach it’s true potential until all the wax is gone.

Applying the second coat of TopCoat F11™

After one weeks time TopCoat F11™ has cured. If your vehicle was not waxed you would be done! But, even with a wax undercoating the process has begun.

To continue the removal of the wax repeat the process of waching your vehicle with PolyWash™. After the vehicle is dry follw the same steps above and apply the second coating of TopCoat F11™.

Once again allow F11™ a week to cure.

Complete the transformation to TopCoat F11™

By the end of the second week TopCoat F11™ has fully cured and reached your vehicle paint.

However, to fully complete the process and achieve the maximum results we recommend one final step.

You could apply a third coating of F11™ to give your vehicle a spectacular mirror finish. But, once F11™ as reached your paint you can usualy go several months without applying another coat.

So we recommend just using our TopCoat Spritz™ to finish the job. Our Spritz™ is designed to work with F11™. TopCoat Spritz™ doesn’t require as much work to rub in, and will complete the process.

This allows you to save your F11™ for use, months down the road.

You're done! Sit back and enjoy the compliments!

Your vehicle will now have a stunning mirror finish that is sure to catch everyone’s eye. And to maintain that shine is now even easier. With all of TopCoat’s products hydrophobic properties, dirt and grime can be removed effortlessly for months to come.