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Laura Bick

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    TopCoat HPS Cleaning and Protecting Home Wood Siding

    You love the way your house looks on the outside but, over time, dirt, grime, and mildew can build up on the siding.

    You could get a big bucket of soapy water and head out there to try and clean it up, but depending on how long this has been building up, that may not be up to the task.

    You could go even stronger with bleach or harsh chemicals, but you don’t want to risk killing the grass and plants around or cover the ground with something that might endanger your family.

    You could even try power washing, but that could get expensive if you have to hire someone, and you risk damaging the siding if you try to do it yourself.

    Thankfully TopCoat has a better and easier solution for you…

    You can use HPS and one of our Pro Towels to wipe the dirt and grime away.

    Not only that, but HPS will also bond to the siding and start building up a protective coating that will prevent stuff from sticking to the siding, making it even easier to clean in the future.

    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now
    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now