Automotive: Wiper Blades

Laura Bick

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    One of the most irritating things you can experience when driving in the rain is that moment when those first drops start to fall…

    If you’re like me, you try to ignore it, until you get to the point where it’s starting to interfere with your vision…

    So you reach down to turn your windshield wipers on…

    And they SMEAR the drops all over your windshield!

    Now your vision is even worse than it was before you turned them on…

    And that just gets worse the more it rains.

    Beyond being annoying, this becomes a safety issue as well.

    The older your blades are, the more they are exposed to the elements…

    Any number of things can happen to these blades:

    UV rays can dry out the rubber. 

    Dirt and debris can get on or under the blades (and this could wind up scratching your windshield).

    Or eventually, the rubber on the blade just wears out from constant friction from wiping your windshield. 

    Thankfully F11 can help slow down all of these problems and make your wiper blades work better, longer!

    Next time you’re applying F11 to your vehicle, take that MicroFiber that’s soaked with F11 and rub it directly on your wiper blades. 

    In combination with the F11 that you already have on your windshield, this treatment will make your wiper blades last much longer, your visibility when it’s raining better, and your drive safer!

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