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    Top Coat – Just ONE Product

    Air, fire, water, and earth govern life on this planet. They tear down, destroy, recreate, modify, and recycle the landscape continuously. Whether it’s subtle rain erosion or dramatic lava flows, they all contribute to changes in the landscape. The elements are constantly tearing at our planet and everything in it which includes us, our cars, houses, you name it. When a person’s skin is abused by the elements, it can regenerate new cells. While all surfaces are exposed in the same manner, most are not able to regrow new material to replace what has been damaged like our bodies do.

    We want to protect those surfaces…

    The environment is very hostile, especially when it comes to vehicles and motorized items. They’re almost a magnet for abuse, whether it’s bird droppings, bugs, sap, tar, road film, dirt, dust, or debris. And that’s where TopCoat® really comes in – when you want to be able to protect those surfaces from one end to the other. That includes your glass, your plastics, your paints, your trim, your rubber; TopCoat® does all of that. It can mitigate that damage and make sure that your vehicle stays like new and in top condition.

    Now TopCoat® has formulated an innovative coating technology meant to protect and preserve surfaces for longer, one product that literally does it all. A multi-surface, multi-use coating technology that literally replaces 10 – 12 other products that you would normally use in traditional detailing, including the exterior. We’re talking leathers, fabrics, vinyl, glass and more importantly, you’re enhancing everything and making it look brand new again. With that kind of technology available at your fingertips, why would you want to use more when you could use less?

    It creates a sacrificial layer…

    TopCoat®’s smart coating technology improves the coating barrier with each application, providing people the ability to apply a sacrificial layer to any surface. We strive to make life easier for customers and by doing so we ended up creating a smart chemical, smart coating technology. It’s something that can be put on anything that not only protects what you put it on, but it makes it easier to clean, easier to maintain, and makes it look better.

    Our products can be applied to everything from vehicles to houses to airplanes. There are really no limits to what you can do with smart technology like this. The product protects and enhances the look and can be reapplied over and over indefinitely, preserving surfaces and keeping them looking new longer.

    Close up of shiny waxed hood of vehicle

    TopCoat® fills in at a microscopic level…

    Most surfaces if you zoom in with an electron microscope, they look like the Grand Canyon. There’s all these cracks and crevices and imperfections, but you can’t see them with the naked eye. TopCoat® will fill those in at a microscopic level and create a sacrificial layer – a protective barrier that not only protects but also makes the surface look new again and improves the look. TopCoat® will literally weave in with the surface and bond and over time it will wear down, but every time you clean that surface and reapply the TopCoat®, it just rebuilds that sacrificial layer.
    While making cleaning and detailing easier and less complicated, TopCoat® simplifies the process, uses less product, takes less time, all while prolonging the vehicle’s condition for years to come.

    Ted Jones adds his 2 cents…

    “I’ve been around cars all my life, I used to be a drag racer. I owned the International Hot Rod Association which was a drag race sanctioning body and then I had a television production company that did nothing but car shows so I’ve dealt with many different wax and polish companies. I’m a car collector and I have a dealer’s license, so I know cars, I’ve dealt with them for years. I’ve buffed them and I’ve polished them for years, but not anymore, not with F11®.

    With traditional polishes and waxes there are two or three different steps. One of them will involve a very aggressive compound, a polishing compound, and a buffer. A buffer is dangerous because you can burn through a pointed or raised area on a vehicle very easily while buffing. Even the orbital buffers which are somewhat safer are not a really good idea unless you’re a really hardcore professional. Let me tell you something, with TopCoat® it’s one simple step. You spray it on, you wipe it off with the Ultra Micro® and you don’t worry about burning paint.

    Here’s the part that’s really amazing. With any of the other polishes and waxes, you have to wash the car first. You wouldn’t dare use it with a dusty car. Another problem, if you have a car that is black, you’re going to get what’s called swirls if you use any kind of a buffer at all. So now you’ve got to buy a compound that gets rid of the swirls before you can put the wax on. And carnauba wax is carnauba wax, I don’t care what you call it. This F11® product is completely different. It’s a sealant that coats it in one step. You don’t even wash the car first.”

    TopCoat® solves many problems with just one product…

    When you’ve got technology like TopCoat®, that has the ability to do everything as easy as you can with one product that does it all, you’ve literally changed the industry as you know it. And again, it comes back to it being more of a lifestyle change. Now you can use that product, get those incredible professional results that you normally have to pay a lot of money for, in a single bottle with one product that you can use yourself.

    That’s how we’ve revolutionized the industry. You can go in your garage, open your cabinet and I guarantee you it’s stocked top to bottom with all these different products and you have no clue at this point what they even do and they’re probably all collecting dust. With TopCoat® all that goes away. Now you’ve got one product that’s replacing and doing what all those other products used to do.

    At TopCoat® we proudly offer top quality, high-performance surface coatings that get you optimal results. We hear from our customers time and time again that our F11® has changed their life. It not only protects their vehicles inside and out but also saves them time and money. From your motorcycle to your RV we have the products that will change your life too.

    Check out our TopCoat® store for more information and never wash, scrub, or wax your vehicle the traditional way again.

    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now
    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now