The TopCoat Difference: Safe, Water-Based Formulas

Laura Bick

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    One thing that separates TopCoat from the competition is the fact that you can use these products on all surfaces.

    For F11, that means you can safely and effectively use it on everything from glass to paint to chrome to rubber to plastic… meaning it can replace a load of other products; saving you time, money, and shelf space!

    But how can this be the case?

    Other products can cause everything from staining to corrosion if even a tiny bit gets on a material that it is not designed to treat. But, TopCoat F11 can literally be applied to any surface, and is designed to enhance, improve, and protect! 

    It’s all in the formula

    The majority of TopCoat products are made with a water-based formula. 

    This is in contrast to formulas that are solvent-based and use chemicals as the foundation for the product.

    Many solvents can have a drying effect on certain surfaces.

    This is why you can’t use a glass cleaner on your plastic surfaces. The solvents in the cleaner will dry out the plastic, causing fading and discoloration, or even cracking.

    The proprietary, water-based formula in TopCoat products like F11, HPS, and Spritz avoids this issue altogether – AND they create a protective barrier, bringing out and helping you maintain a mirror-like shine! 

    Our Water-based formula is safe and effective

    We already mentioned the fact that the water-based formula is safe to use on a variety of surfaces, but that’s not the only benefit to a water-based formula.

    TopCoat products also have no VOCs, which are chemicals that are found in many conventional cleaning products that are released when the products are used.

    This is why certain cleaners have unpleasant odors when you use them inside.

    Further, this can make them potentially dangerous to use in enclosed spaces, as well as possibly compromise your indoor air quality.

    Water-based TopCoat products have a longer shelf life

    Ordinary solvent-based products are ultimately subject to the breakdown of the chemicals that make up the formula.

    This is why you’ll see old bottles of cleaning products that appear to have “separated” into distinct layers.

    This is the solvent separating from the other ingredients that make up the formula. Once this happens, the product loses a great deal of its effectiveness.

    Our water-based formula does not do this, and is more stable on your shelf and will last longer in the bottle. You don’t even need to shake or stir it before use!

    TopCoat products are eco-friendly…

    Thanks to that water-based formula, our products won’t cause runoff and groundwater contamination like many other traditional vehicle detailing and cleaning products. 

    And since the TopCoat formula does not include the dangerous chemicals and VOCs of other products, this makes them safe to use in your home and around your children and pets.

    HPS is a perfect example of this; it makes an ideal household cleaner because it can be used on every surface in your home (safely and effectively), won’t create strange and potentially dangerous odors when used, and is not dangerous to use around your pets and children. 

    (This DOES NOT mean that it should be ingested.)

    The bottom line is… 

    Water-based formulas have come a long way recently, thanks in particular to the work of companies like TopCoat.

    Water-based products are also infinitely more convenient, as the ability to use them on a variety of surfaces and materials save you time and money on specialized products.

    TopCoat products are not only safer to use, they’re the best choice for professional results! We take every aspect of the overall experience into account: ease of use, safety, and results that’ll get you compliments at every turn…

    Check out our full lineup of products today!

    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now
    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now