How to Winterize Your Vehicle

Laura Bick

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    Fall is in full swing – so for those that live where it snows, it’s time to talk about prepping for Winter… 

    The process of Winterizing your vehicle doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming – treating your vehicle with a few coats of F11 will make maintenance a breeze. 

    Check out this video of a truck exposed to winter conditions, but treated with F11…

    TopCoat F11 Winter Protection (Snow, Salt, Ice)

    Do you HAVE to winterize your vehicle? 

    No, not technically. 

    But if you don’t prepare your vehicle in advance, maintenance through the winter months will be a strain, and your vehicle may come out the other side damaged. 

    A thorough wash is a good place to start… 

    Sometime this Fall, before it gets too cold out, give your car a good wash. 

    We strongly recommend using PolyWash, which will break up dirt and grime and won’t damage your surfaces.

    Plus, it’s designed to bond with F11, which we recommend for the next steps… 

    PolyWash can be used in a sprayer, foam cannon, or in a simple bucket set up. Wash using a microfiber washing mitt, and dry it off with a microfiber towel. 

    To read more on how to use PolyWash, click here… 

    Now you’re ready for F11… 

    For a step-by-step process for applying F11 to get professional results, click here… 

    Basically what you do is: 

    • Start at the top of the vehicle, divide the surface into sections.
    • Spray F11 directly onto the surface and polish with your first towel.
    • Buff with a different, dry towel, constantly flipping to dry sections of the towel.
    • Work your way down the vehicle in this manner, switching to a dry towel for buffing when the towel becomes soaked with F11.
    • Do a final buff with a totally dry towel.
    • To take your results to the next level, allow F11 to cure for 24-48 hours, then coat the entire vehicle again. Wait another 24-48 and repeat one more time. Three coats is when the magic starts to happen!
    • Ideally, reapply F11 every 2-4 weeks for more powerful layering and more effective restoration and protection of your vehicle’s finish!

    Benefits of using F11 to Winterize

    F11 will help to protect your vehicle from damage when it’s exposed to salt, calcium chloride, and other chemicals that get used on the roads. 

    If you’ve treated your vehicle with F11, you’ll notice that the white salt grime that builds up on the sides of it are easy to wipe away – or will rinse off in the rain. 

    You can even apply another coat of F11 through the winter to reinforce your efforts – or use Spritz, our quick detailing spray, for maintenance.  

    Plus, it can help with the removal of ice and snow. 

    Normally, when your vehicle gets ice build-up, it freezes on the surface, and you have to chip away at it with a scraper, which can damage your finish. 

    With F11, it makes it more difficult for ice to attach to the surface, so it’s easier to slide it right off with your hand or a soft bristle brush.

    There you have it, folks… 

    Not only does F11 help to protect your vehicle from harsh conditions, it also makes Winter maintenance so much easier.

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