How to Use the TopCoat Ultra Kit!

Laura Bick

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    The Ultra Kit includes four of our most popular products, all in one convenient bundle at a huge discount.

    It’s a great deal, but sometimes we get questions about the best way to use each of the included products.

    And that’s what we’re going to break down today!

    TopCoat F11

    Let’s start with our best-selling coating product, F11.

    This is hands-down the best product that you can use on your vehicle.Whether it’s a car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, plane, or anything else you have, F11 will make it look its best.

    This starts with the deep-mirrored shine that F11 gives your finish, but it doesn’t end there.

    F11 also restores minor finish imperfections (like swirl marks) and builds a water-resistant, protective coating that prevents further damage and keeps your vehicle looking new.

    The water-based formula is also safe to use on every single surface of your vehicle and provides the same great protection.

    Use it on glass, rubber, plastics, matte, chrome, paint, metal, and more.

    For more on F11, be sure to check out The Magic of Three Layers.

    Best use for TopCoat F11: All your vehicles

    TopCoat HPS

    TopCoat HPS is our original formulation, the coating that started it all!

    Before F11 came along, HPS was the best coating for your vehicle.

    And it still works great on vehicles, but we’ve found that the forgiving, easy-to-apply formula makes it the ideal household cleaner.

    HPS is also water-based, which means it is safe to use around the house and works perfectly on every surface in your home.

    You can use HPS on countertops, sinks, bathtubs, grills, leather furniture, and just about anything else you can think of – but it’s too slick to use on the floor!

    HPS replaces a whole shelf full of specialized cleaning products and takes care of every surface without the risk of damaging your home and health with harmful chemicals. 

    For more on HPS, be sure to check out Why HPS Is Perfect for Your Home.

    Best use for TopCoat HPS: All your household cleaning needs

    TopCoat PolyWash

    TopCoat PolyWash is a commercial-grade car wash product that you can use at home.

    PolyWash is far superior to the car wash products that are on the shelf at your local big-box store.

    Ordinary car wash products can turn particles of dirt and debris into powerful little abrasives that cause tiny scratches all over your finish (this is where the swirl marks mentioned above come from).

    PolyWash’s revolutionary formula encapsulates these particles of dirt and debris in a slick coating so that they wash right off without scratching your paint.

    PolyWash also features our patented Micro-Bond™ Coating Technology, which makes it bond with layers of F11.

    This makes it the perfect first step when getting ready to apply F11. 

    Simply use PolyWash to clean and prep the surface, and your F11 layer will go on even easier and last even longer. Click here to see it in action… 

    Best use for TopCoat PolyWash: Cleaning and preparing your vehicle’s finish for F11

    TopCoat Spritz

    Spritz is a replacement for all those waterless car wash and quick detail products on the market.

    We also like to call it our “date night” cleaning solution.

    If you have just a couple of minutes and need to touch up your finish with a quick, but brilliant, shine, reach for your bottle of Spritz.

    But Spritz is more than just a quick shine.

    Applications of Spritz can last for up to 2 weeks providing similar (though less durable) protection as F11.

    You can use it in between applications of F11 to keep the protection going even longer.

    We’ve also found that Spritz makes an excellent glass cleaner, giving your windshield, and household windows and glass, that “so clean it’s almost invisible” look.

    And it’s just a quick and easy to use on glass. 

    For more on Spritz, be sure to check out Why Spritz is the Perfect Partner for F11.

    Best use for TopCoat Spritz: Touching up your finish in between F11 coats and as an all-purpose glass cleaner

    Don’t forget to bring a towel!

    Last, but certainly not least, the Ultra Kit comes with 10 Pro Microfiber towels.

    These towels are designed and manufactured to be more durable than any other microfiber towel out there.

    They also grab dirt and debris right off the surface of your vehicle so you can clean it away more easily, and work great for buffing whatever surface you’re working on. 

    These towels are the perfect match for all TopCoat coating products, and they help you get a perfect application every time!

    For more on Pro Microfiber towels, be sure to check out How to Wash TopCoat Microfiber towels and How Many Towels Should You Use to Apply F11.

    Best use for Pro Microfiber towels; Getting a perfect application of all TopCoat products


    While there may be overlapping cases where you can use each of the products in the Ultra Kit, we think that the uses above are where these products really shine.

    Give it a try for yourself, and be sure to share the results and tag us on social media!

    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now
    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now