Washing Your Car with Rainwater


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    One of the coolest things about F11 is that once you’ve applied it you can actually wash your entire vehicle using just rainwater. You don’t need buckets or hoses, just a dirty truck, and the rain.  Today I’m going to clean my truck, and it’s really filthy, in the rain.

    It’s simple, it’s free and it’s easy…

    This truck was coated with F11 around 6 months ago so it’s already bonded to the paint surface.  I’m at an outdoor rally and have some extra time on my hands so I’m going to show you how easy it is to clean your vehicle in the rain.  I’m going to use one of our white microfiber towels and wet it in the rain then just wipe the dirt off my truck.  It’s not going to scratch anything because the F11 is protecting it.  I love using the rainwater because it’s simple, it’s free and it’s easy.

     You can literally feel the dirt wipe right off…

    TopCoat’s smart coating technology works its way into the porosity of the surface building up layers. The more you use of it, the more protection you have, the more of everything as all our customers know.

    I’m using the wet microfiber towel and working top to bottom around the truck.  The bottom is where your really dirty areas are going to be, especially when you’ve had foul weather for a couple of days.  Not only is all the dirt wiping off, but it’s not scratching anywhere.

    If I let my truck sit outside overnight in the rain all this dirt would be gone, it would look like it had been through a car wash, but I want to wipe it down. I’ve wiped it down with my towel, using just the water, no soap or cleaners.  Now I’m going to back it up, so the rain comes down and hits it, and let it rinse everything off.   

    Ours is a high-quality towel, high density & high fiber…

    There are no buckets, no soaps, no hoses – nothing to get ready or have to put away. Just our microfiber towel, rainwater, and F11.

    The key is you want to get the towel really soaked with water. And if you’re working with our microfiber towels, you know it’s a high-quality towel, high density, high fiber, and they’re designed with a tag that lets you know it’s ours marked with the TopCoat and F11 symbols.

    That tag is designed to be pulled right off. That’s intentional, we do that on purpose because you want that nice straight edge. That edge is key for a high-quality microfiber towel.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    So I’ve got my soaking wet towel and I’m just going to start wiping the rear section down just using the rainwater to rinse it.  Trust me, it’s not going to hurt it or scratch it.  I’m going to wipe down my exhaust tips, the rims, I’ll clean everything this way and just like that it’s clean.

    “I can do this with confidence”

    I want to improve the industry and show that there are better ways of doing things now. There are better technologies, thus the whole TopCoat line of products. I can do this with confidence.

    We manufacture PolyWash which is the most amazing carwash product made to date, but at the end of the day I don’t have to use any of that because I have F11 on here, and not only one coat, several coats.

    I haven’t coated this is a while, it’s been a good six months, but because it’s there all the dirt and water will come right off. It’s not so much that it has to have that real slippery feeling, it’s not about that. It’s about how the sealer literally bonds to that surface and fills in the porosity of that substrate. Like liquid glass.

    At TopCoat we proudly offer a top-quality high-performance that gets you optimal results. We hear from our customers time and time again that our F11 has changed their life.  It not only protects their vehicles inside and out but also saves them time and money.  From your motorcycle to your RV, your car, truck, boat, etc. we have the products that will change your life too.

    Check out our TopCoat website for more information and never wash, scrub or wax your vehicle the traditional way again.

    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now
    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now