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    Gary Glenn and his wife Debbie are big believers in the TopCoat® F11® products. They travel the country in their RV and Gary was always looking for something to make waxing his motor home a little bit easier. “Honest to God, I put TopCoat® on that thing and it looks absolutely beautiful. It just shines unbelievably.” I told my wife “Oh my gosh Deb, you’ve gotta come out and look at this, you can see your reflection.” That was Glenn’s reaction the first time he used the F11® spray. Here is his story.

    Gary and Debbie

    “Well I’m Gary Glenn and currently you’re sitting in the middle of our mobile home. We travel around the country, but we do have an RV slip in Kerrville, Texas. There’s some pretty good advertising on the internet and this TopCoat® started popping up. I like to wash and wax my own motor home; I usually wax it about three times a year. I’m always looking for something that makes it a little bit easier, so I was interested in the product. Then I saw the prices and that absolutely scared me to death because it was pretty expensive.

    I went ahead and ordered it and told my wife “Well I just ordered some new wax for the motor home, and spent $100 on wax,” and she said, “What? $100 on wax?” “Yeah,” I said, “but I got free microfiber towels with it too, and I ordered two bottles because they said one would probably do 15 or 18 cars, so I thought there’s no way one bottle is gonna do a motor home.”

    The Moment of Truth –

    “When the product arrived, I started putting it on the motor home. By the time I got the RV all done, that one bottle wasn’t empty. We had a little Fiat at the time, so I thought there’s enough in there I could probably get that car done too, so I did the car. And then I thought well I’ll do the Harley trike – and I had enough to do the Harley trike. Then I thought, well I’m running out of things to do and I haven’t run out of TopCoat® yet and so I pulled the golf cart out of the garage and I waxed the golf cart with TopCoat®. After all that I had just a dab left, so I poured it in the second bottle.

    I just finished up the second bottle the other day before we came to Mississippi, I put a second coat on the coach. It’s absolutely amazing.” Gary told us “I always take good care of my coach, it always looks nice, but after I put the TopCoat® on my neighbor across the street in our RV community came over and asked, “What did you do to your coach? Did you have it re-clear-coated?” I told him no, it’s a new wax that I just bought and it’s a sealer. He couldn’t believe how great it looked.”

    a gleaming RV coach just cleaned with F11®

    “That saved me two days right there”

    Debbie told us “I can assure you he was very happy about getting the coach done with one bottle because after he was done he came into the house and said, “Oh my gosh Deb, you’ve gotta come out and look at this. You can see your reflection.

    Gary showed me where he had used the TopCoat® and it was like looking into a mirror. Usually, it takes him two days to be able to wash it one day and then wax it the next day, but it didn’t take nearly as long, it was really quick.” Gary added “I usually wash it one day and then wipe off windows and with the hard water in Texas, you need to go back around and wipe it all off or you have water spots all over.

    It’s probably a six, seven-hour job to wash it and be ready to put wax on it. The first time that I put TopCoat® on, I washed it in the morning, I waxed it in the afternoon. I put it on the fiberglass, on rubber, on stainless steel, on chrome, and even on plastic, it just looks amazing.

    The taillight and headlight lenses look like we just rolled off the showroom floor with this thing. Honest to God, I put TopCoat® on our RV and it looks absolutely beautiful. It just shines unbelievably. I dragged all my stuff out at 9:30 in the morning and at 1:30 in the afternoon, I was finished, so that saved me two days right there! My first beer was early that day.

    I’ve never been one for putting products on my tires that’s not supposed to be put on there but since TopCoat®’s a protectant, I figured it would work fine on them and it gives a nice satin finish. It makes your vehicle really look nice. If you clean your tires and you put the TopCoat® on, that makes your vehicles really stand out and your tires look good. That’s my TopCoat® story and I’m sticking to it.”

    We hear from customers like Gary time and time again that our F11® product has changed their life. It not only protects their vehicles inside and out but also saves them time and money. From your motorcycle to your RV we have the products that will change your life too.

    Check out our TopCoat® website for more information and never wash, scrub, or wax your vehicle the traditional way again.

    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now
    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now