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    Imagine a product that worked on every surface on your car. The paint, the glass, the plastic, the rubber. TopCoat® is that product, and today we will look at how the TopCoat® F11® product restores a 99’ Harley that has been sitting in a barn for the last 3 years.

    A Great Find –

    Joe Castello from Performance TV came to bike week in Daytona to check out TopCoat®, and learn a lot about F11®, it’s uses, and how great a product it is. It works on planes, cars, and yes, even bikes. Our TopCoat® team showed them a reconditioning of a 99 Harley Davidson that was found in a barn after 3 years of gathering dirt and dust. The customer brought it in to see if F11® could help bring it back to its original state.

    Jay Grudzien tells us about the restoration –

    “We’re gonna use F11® on any gloss paint, any and all chrome, the windshield, any rubber hoses, any plastic, top to bottom, we’re gonna recondition it with one product. Even though it’s really dirty, we’re still gonna use the F11®. We’re gonna spray on a fine amount, right on top of the dirt that’s collected on it. I’m gonna let it sit for a minute, then all you need to do is buff it into the surface and you can see the F11® has lifted all that dirt that’s been on there for 3 years off the surface. Then you’re gonna use your clean microfiber to polish it to a shine.

    Look how amazing it looks after using just one product on the windshield, chrome, and the paint. Now let’s see how the F11® performs on the fuel tank with three years of build-up of dirt, dust, and debris. Spray it on, leave it for a minute then buff it into the surface just like before and it looks like new again.”

    What about the leather?

    “Let’s see how the F11® works on the leather. Again, this leather has been in the barn for three years and the F11® is making that leather look new again. It has brought back the natural luster of the leather seat!

    Next, we’re gonna move to the motor area of the motorcycle. We’re gonna apply the F11® to all the black denim on the engine, even in the cylinder heads, all the chrome, and the F11® is gonna bring back the original luster of the black denim, even in the cylinder. It won’t leave any build-up in your emblems like other products would. The black denim has returned to its original luster and has actually already dried here in the cylinder vents. We’ve polished all the surfaces on this engine, and it looks absolutely amazing.

    We’ve cleaned the front fairing, the fuel tank, and the engine area. Now I’m gonna move back to the luggage rack and compartment, we’re gonna see how that turns out as well. I’m gonna get in there and polish everything up it brings that shine out, it’s all nice and clean, even the chrome. You can see how well the F11® worked at restoring the natural luster of the paint, the gloss finish, and even the chrome. It’s just a night and day difference between this side and that three-year-old barn dirt dust and debris that was on the surface.”

    One happy customer…

    Jay, the owner of the bike has come back to see how it looks. His reaction? “WOW! Oh my God, this thing is gorgeous. I mean unbelievable, I can’t believe this!”

    At TopCoat® we proudly offer the top-quality, high-performance surface coatings that get you incredible results in no time flat. We hear from our customers time and time again that our F11® has changed their life. It not only protects their vehicles inside and out but also saves them time and money. From your motorcycle to your RV we have the products that will change your life too.

    Check out our TopCoat® website for more information and never wash, scrub, or wax your vehicle the traditional way again.

    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now
    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now