Why TopCoat®?  (A Narrative by Scott Smith) 


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    What happens after you use F-11®?

    We have a new truck that was coated once with F-11® when it was first bought.  It’s been about two months now and we haven’t done anything with it. We haven’t washed it, haven’t done anything, and it’s dirty.  The cool thing is, from a distance, it doesn’t look dirty and that’s because of how reflective the TopCoat® is. Everyone would think that this is clean, but it’s really not.

    We’ve had a lot of hard rainstorms which actually helps

    We’ve had a lot of hard rainstorms, which actually helps in this case because the rain gets rid of the majority of the dirt and debris that’s on the surface.  A typical application for most people happens out in the sun unless you’re in the garage.

    You can use the product in full sun, but there’s no reason to because there are no benefits to doing it. All you’re doing is heating the paint up, making it soft, opening the pores, and the potential of scuffing or scratching is greater just because of the sheer warmth of the paint.

    The general rule is to be in ambient temperature, out of the sun…

    When you do sealers or anything for that matter, you always want to be in ambient temperature out of the sun. That’s just your general rule but because TopCoat® is friendly in the sun, we’re going to do it outside.  I’m going to take the F-11®, and all I’m going to do is just do half trigger pulls – I do that because if you do a full one the wind might catch it.

    This way it’s more controlled, or you can take it and put it in a pad like an applicator pad which works really nice too. This is the first application so my towel’s still dry. It’s a water-based coating, so eventually, this is going to get damp, and that’s why you always follow with a second towel which is going to be dry, and you can do your final buff with it.

    You can put it on everything… 

    Now the coating where I sprayed it is starting to dry – which is okay. It’s not going to hurt anything because you can put it on the paint. You can put it on the graphics, the vinyl, on the plastic that was treated a couple of months ago, the fenders, everything.

    Since it’s drying a little bit, I’ll just mist it a little bit again and I’m going to grab my original cloth and start buffing it into the plastic and the paint.

    Anywhere I’ve missed, I just give it a half trigger spray and work it in; I don’t use a lot of product.

    The TopCoat® is so reflective it just accentuates the paint

    The paint will just jump right out and it’s a wicked color.  With TopCoat®, because it’s so reflective, it just really accentuates that paint and it’ll do that on anything for that matter, especially metallics. It’s amazing. If you have a couple spots that are a little more tenacious just give it a little extra buff, then flip your cloth and do your final buff. This truck will be done in half an hour literally.

    With very little product we’ve done everything from glass, plastics, bumpers, rims, interior, and door jams, all with one product.  And because it’s already coated, it just keeps getting easier and easier, less maintenance every time.

    There are six, seven, eight other products you’d normally be using for detailing that you don’t have to use any more. So, it’s a major, major cost savings.  My wife doesn’t like to wash her vehicle but using the TopCoat® is actually enjoyable because it’s simple and easy.

    In the old days, the washing, the buckets, the soaps…

    I mean in the old days washing this truck would have meant getting out the buckets, the soaps…we make and manufacturer soaps, high-quality soaps at that, that work with our coating but at the end of the day, when you start using the product, and you maintain it and be consistent, it’s extremely easy, safe and efficient, no washing or anything. Just spray F-11® TopCoat® and use the microfiber cloth to work it in, then use your dry cloth to buff it.

    We don’t wash our vehicles anymore, we just don’t.  It’s rained twice in the last three weeks and every time it rained it cleaned my truck.

    It’s a smart idea to always do door jambs

    One of my favorite areas to do when it comes to TopCoat® is the door jambs because clean door jambs really help keep the vehicle clean, and it also helps with resale value.  It does the whole nine yards, cleans any kind of drips or dirt or debris that gets in there, prevents the scuffing, prevents your seals from getting damaged, etc.  If you take care of your vehicles and you want it to last as long as possible, it’s just a smart idea to always do door jambs.

    The nice part about TopCoat® is if you do it once, follow up is a breeze. You could go six months if you want, or you could go a year and then just wipe it off with some kind of water.   It’s obviously going to get dirty to some regard, but because of the TopCoat® everything will come off easily.

    It already has the product on it, so it makes the cloth like a wipe…

    Now another cool thing is that because I’ve been using this towel for the outside of the truck, it’s already damp and it has the product on it which makes it like a wipe. So now I can wipe the inside of the vehicle and start doing all the interior. By wiping all of this, it’s going to help protect all those surfaces. So when people get in and out and all that dirt gets in, it comes right off.  It’s not going to embed into the interior and ruin it.

    The people that use our products, they know. They get it. That’s why they use it. That’s why they continue to use it for years and years. I’ve been doing this for a very, very long time, and I have never found a product on the market that can do what F11 or the TopCoat® family of products can do.

    At TopCoat we proudly offer the top-quality high-performance surface coatings that will get you optimal results. We hear from our customers time and time again that our F11 has changed their life.  It not only protects their vehicles inside and out but also saves them time and money.  From your motorcycle to your RV, your car, truck, boat, etc… we have the products that will change your life too.

    Check out our TopCoat® website for more information and never wash, scrub, or wax your vehicle the traditional way again.

    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now
    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now