3 Essential Elements to Look for in a Car Care Product


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    You love your car.

    You even love the ritual of cleaning your car.

    There’s a connection there that not everyone gets, but we understand where
    you’re coming from.

    Not only do you want your car to look it’s best, but you actually want to
    make sure that the products you use are the safest and of the best possible

    It’s not enough to just get a nice shine that lasts for a couple of days, or
    superficially clean your finish, you’re looking for something that takes it
    a step further.

    But when you walk into a store (or scroll through your Facebook newsfeed),
    it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options that are available out

    It seems like there are products for just about everything; paint, leather,
    glass, tires, hubcaps, dashboards, antenna (Ok, we made that one up, but

    Add to that the fact that within some of these categories there are
    different levels of products; sealants, waxes, ceramics, washes,
    clays, that all claim to offer the best results in both appearance and

    Oh yeah… and by the way, you might need to purchase some special equipment
    (orbital buffer, anyone?) to properly apply some of the products to get the
    results that they advertise on the bottle.

    So, with all these options staring you in the face, how do you go about
    picking the right product to properly care for your vehicle?

    We’re going to suggest that you use the following criteria for picking your
    next purchase.

    Number one… 

     Pick a product that you can use on ALL surfaces.

    The car care industry has fooled you into thinking that you need to buy
    individual products for every part of your car.

    That’s actually a pretty smart move on their part if you think about it.

    Not only are they able to spend less time and energy on their formulas
    (since they only have to do one thing), but they get you to buy more
    products than you should have to!

    There’s another reason for this as well…

    The chemicals that make up these products can actually do a lot of damage
    when used on the wrong type of surface.

    This is why you get cracks in your dashboard, or fading, cracked plastic if
    you try to multi-task with your cleaner.

    We’ll get into this another time, but the issue here is that the products
    are solvent (chemical) based, rather than being water-based.

    If you use a water-based product, like TopCoat F11®, it will safely and
    effectively clean every surface on your car.

    Imagine buying a single bottle that could clean, shine, preserve, and
    protect your:

    • Paint
    • Chrome
    • Leather
    • Plastic
    • Rubber
    • Glass

    You’d be able to throw away an entire cabinet worth of products and still
    get BETTER results in LESS TIME than before.

    So that’s our first tip: pick one product that you can use on EVERY

    Number 2…

    Pick a product that is quick and easy to apply, but provides lasting

    Let’s say that you had planned to spend the entire afternoon washing,
    waxing, and polishing your vehicle this weekend…

    This is typically a multi-hour, labor-intensive process, but it gets you
    decent results.

    But how do you know which of those dozens of products are going to give you
    the results that you want?

    Is it worth going through the trial and error (and expense) of testing all
    these products out to see exactly how well they work?

    And what if you spend a couple of hours waxing and buffing, only to have to
    repeat the process a week or two later?

    Of course, you could get a quick detailing product that will give your
    finish a super-fast shine that looks amazing… for a few days.

    But then you have to do it all over again…

    And those quick detailers aren’t really providing any protection for your
    finish, just giving a superficial shine.

    And let’s be honest… if you could find a product that would give you the
    same protection you get from the back-breaking effort of waxes AND the deep
    mirror shine of the quick detailer all at the same time, would you be

    Of course you would.

    That’s why TopCoat F11® has a super easy application process: spray it on,
    hand buff it in.

    That’s it.

    Less than an hour and your car will be shining like new, with an
    ever-increasing layer of protection that preserves your finish. AND an
    application can last 3-4 months (depending on your conditions).

    Eliminate hours and several steps from your current routine, while doing a
    better job cleaning and protecting your ride.

    So that’s tip #2: Pick a product that is quick and easy to use but looks
    great and still provides protection for your vehicles that lasts.

    Number 3…

    Pick a product that is safe to use, for your family and the environment.

    We briefly mentioned the distinction between water-based and solvent-based
    products above, but here is one area where it really comes into play.

    Solvent-based chemical products, in addition to damaging surfaces they
    weren’t intended to be used on, can cause pollution when the runoff from
    washing your car gets into local water supplies.

    These are often made with a base of petroleum distillates that not only do
    an inferior job for your vehicle in the long-term but can also be

    Some locations even have regulations for washing
    your car for this very reason…

    And if there is a concern for what these chemical monstrosities will do to
    the environment, how much more worried should you be about using these
    products around your family?

    Why would you want to expose your children or pets to something that could harm
    them if they were to accidentally have it come in contact with their skin?

    You wouldn’t.

    You can save yourself from a lot of worries by using a product that is
    water-based, like TopCoat F11®.

    Not only does this make it safe for your vehicle, but it makes it safe for
    everyone around when it’s time to care for your vehicle.


    We get that it can be difficult to sift through the overwhelming number of
    options that are out there when you are trying to pick the best product to
    make your car look its best.

    That’s why we decided to make this list to help you get started in
    assessing the pros and cons of the various products you might come across.

    In case you just scanned, here are our top 3 essential things to look for
    in a car care product:

    1. Pick a product you can use on all surfaces.
    2. Pick a product that is quick and easy to apply, but still provides
      lasting protection.
    3. Pick a product that is safe to use, for your family and the

    With all those things being said, there is really only one product that is
    going to meet all three of these criteria: TopCoat F11®.

    If you’re sick and tired of buying loads of different products for each
    specific part of your car…

    If you’re sick and tired of spending a whole day washing, waxing, and
    sealing to have your vehicle look its best – and then see those efforts last only days…

    If you’re sick and tired of products containing chemical contaminants that
    aren’t safe to use (and could be damaging your car) …

    We suggest you give TopCoat F11® a try.

    It’s a true, do-it-all product for your car.

    Click here to learn more about this amazing, proprietary formula.

    And make no mistake, you CANNOT get F11® anywhere else. Don’t be fooled by
    inferior imitations.

    Try F11® today.


    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now
    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now