Why TopCoat® F11® Doesn’t Wash Off…


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    Hey I’m Michael LaHatte with TopCoat®. I wanna talk about some myths out there.

    A lot of people are seeing these copycats today all over the internet. And a lot of these guys are just marketers trying to find a new product out there to sell to make a quick buck.

    TopCoat’s a 30 year old company with real USA manufactured products.

    There’s a big myth I wanna dispel…

    A lot of people in the community have been told that F11 washes off. That’s kind of the copycat competition’s way of trying to compete against us. They make up myths. But one of them is that it washes off. And that is simply not true.

    F11, once it bonds to a surface, needs time to cure over a day or two, and then it is fully bonded to that surface. You’re not getting it off with soap or water.

    This car had not been touched for four months – it is dirty and you can see it has filth all over it. It had been F11’d four months ago…

    You can use F11 to clean the car, and no, it doesn’t scratch. After you’ve wiped in the F11, then you can flip to a drier side of your towel to dry the car. Be careful to remove the tags on your microfiber towels. F11 will take off all the dirt.

    So F11 cleans the car and then it’ll bond to the existing layer of F11 from the previous wash, if you give it time. The competition is famous for using F11 and then they immediately hit it with soap and water because they know it hasn’t cured yet, but it’s a sealer, a true sealer has a cure time. F11’s is about 24-48 hours.

    A lot of people say it washes off, well here’s why they’re saying that…

    If you were to take a water hose and run water down the front of the car, you might notice that the water sheets slowly. That’s because there’s dirt clinging to the surface statically, that’s normal.

    If you put a fresh coat of F11 on, it sheets off a lot quicker…

    Then, you can take a wet the sponge, make sure it’s soaked, and you can sponge wipe the car – it won’t scratch it.

    You can wipe a sponge on the car and rinse it off and you’ll see the water sheets even quicker – it’s a myth that F11 washes off. That’s the competition trying to compete with a superior product.

    Both the newly F11’d side and the one treated 4 months earlier will show sheeting, but the one done 4 months earlier will sheet faster because it’s had time to cure.

    If you leave a spot in between the newly F11’d side and the previously F11’d side, you’ll notice that when you pour the water over the entire area, the water sheets off both sides, but on the middle still-dirty section the dirt causes the water to cling to the car.

    The competition will say, ‘oh the F11 wore off’. No, it didn’t, there’s dirt on there. Just get the dirt off and you’re good. Sponge bath it, dry it off, hit it with water and you’ll see the magic of that cured coat of F11.

    And if you notice in the photos, there are no scratches from using the sponge and dry wiping. And that’s a dirty black car – you can’t do that with any other technology, it’ll scratch it.

    You can’t argue with facts; science is science.

    The thing with copycats is…

    • They don’t have the technology.
    • They don’t have manufacturing plants.
    • They don’t have scientists.
    • They don’t make their product.
    • They go buy a product from China, stick a label on it, try to make a quick buck.

    At TopCoat® we proudly offer incredibly high-performance surface coatings. We hear from our customers time and time again that our F11® has changed their life.  It not only protects their vehicles inside and out but also saves them time and money.  From your motorcycle to your RV we have the products that will change your life too.

    Check out our TopCoat® website for more information and never wash or wax your vehicle the traditional way again.


    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now
    Don't Fall For Counterfeits, Get TopCoat - Shop Now