Does F11 Work on Decals? Absolutely!

Laura Bick

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    We get asked a lot whether or not you can use F11 on decals – and the answer is:

    Absolutely you can! 

    Any of our products are safe to use with decals – Spritz, PolyWash, Crystaleen…

    But most people ask about F11…

    It’s so safe, you can use it on almost anything! 

    F11 is a water-based formula, with no silicone or harmful chemicals in it. 

    That means it’s safe to use on almost any surface (you want to avoid using it on floors unless you’re *trying* to make ‘em super slippery). 

    When it comes to decals, some products will cause them to peel. Or the chemicals in the product will cause the color in them to fade. Not F11… 

    When you apply F11 to decals, you’re not only going to make them ‘pop’, you’re protecting them too. 

    After they’re coated with F11, your decals will be less likely to get scratched up, and the UV protection the product offers will stop them from fading in the sun. 

    You don’t have to take it from us… 

    Click here to check out a customer testimonial…

    Not only does he talk about using F11 on his RV, motorcycle, and car, he talks about his experience with decals. 

    Previous products he had used totally destroyed the decals on his bike. He was cautious about using F11 on them – but has been thrilled with the results! 

    Plus, check out Ray’s decals…

    Ray is a huge fan of F11, and he was excited to show us how awesome it performed on his car – especially the decals! 

    They sure pop on that hood, and they’ll be well protected from sun, scratches, and peeling with the coats of F11 Ray has carefully applied. 

    Got decals? Get F11!

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